Welcome to Zuto's Tech blog

Hi there, and welcome to the blog.

As you can see, the blog focuses on technology at Zuto.

I thought that having the blog would give everyone the opportunity share their knowledge - without the pressure of talking in front of people. It also gives us something to look back on in the future to see how things have changed and developed.

I want to invite everyone to write a post on areas in technology which might interest them. You might have an opinion on tech stacks, or new developments within Zuto or the general technological world.

Squads can share their successes.

Zutonites can share their stories.

Maybe you are learning something new in your 10% time and want to share your progress; who knows, you may also start a conversation or inspire others' to also try learning something new.

Get in touch if you would like to contribute or want to discuss any ideas.

Welcome to Zuto's Tech blog
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