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Zuto-Twilio Hackathon: First look at Twilio Studio

During the two-day hackathon Team DC Comics used a Twilio product called Studio Flow. This is a drag and drop style designer that allows you to create complex processes for multiple channels (Voice and SMS).

As a team we were working on the project which used SMS to promote callback success. We needed to trigger an outbound SMS by posting to an endpoint that Twilio generates when you create a studio flow. Using what is called a “Split based on” widget we can branch behaviour depending on what the customer sends back to us via SMS.

For example:


In our case we either send them another SMS, send the conversation to Autopilot, which is another Twilio product, or send a task to Flex.

There were many more widgets we could have used to create custom behaviour. For example, the “Http request” widget allows you to communicate with a third-party API to retrieve or post data. There are more widgets dedicated to the voice channel that allows you to do a bunch of cool stuff like, gathering input on a call, make an outgoing call and recording a voicemail.

Overall, it was really fun and intuitive to work with studio flow and I recommend people who work with Twilio to try it out if you haven’t already.

Zuto-Twilio Hackathon: First look at Twilio Studio
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