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I think it's important to enable everyone at Zuto (mostly designers and developers) to create simple prototypes, as it opens up the opportunity to take your great ideas and make them into something more tangible, that can be shared with our peers (Dealer Insights came from prototyping an idea).

A while back I sent an email round detailing a prototyping tool I had created for those who are savvy with code: It allows you to create quick React prototypes and a few devs have already been using it! :)

But this post isn't about the React prototype... because as you might have guessed from the post image, I've created another tool, which will hopefully enable those who don't have a clue about code, to get prototyping with our very own Style Guide!

The Create-Prototype Kit allows you to prototype inside the project on your local machine. It contains a simple guide on how to build prototypes in simple HTML and CSS, using Atoms, Molecules and Organisms from the Style Guide.

View the guide itself here:

The code isn't very interesting but it's here if you want to see it:

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